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Vintage Hat Collection - Tapestry Boned Brim with Flower

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A classic vintage style, this hat is made from complementary fabrics in hues of blue and pink and decorated with a string plait with a hint of sparkling gold and finished with a fabric flower.

One-Size: All of our hats are made with an elastic adjustor channel inside the lining so that the customer can knot it to their own head size. So sizing is not a worry.

All of our Vintage Hat Collection are Hand-crafted, by a woman-owned business using a range from vintage fabrics that are limited edition, once they are gone they are gone, saving fabrics from going into landfill. stylish, eclectic ladies hats for all seasons.
These hats are made very durable, as well as protecting you from the sun, your head can also breath and are all super light weight so extremely comfortable to wear on the hottest of days.
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